Let’s face it- cow dung, manure, or Gobar has many good values and benefits. Today, you can find many products made of cow dung which are doing pretty well for the environment and humans. These products are 100% organic and beneficial for the environment, including energy, land, air, and water. One of such products is Cow dung Dhoop. If you are wondering how this product can be beneficial for the environment and how it works? In this blog, we will read about all aspects related to cow dung dhoop and from where you can buy it at affordable rates. So, let's move onto the post.

How is Cow Dung Dhoop Prepared?

Cow Dung Dhoop is a herbal dhoop made from cow manure and has a pleasant odor. It is one of the best alternatives to using chemical dhoop used in various hospitals & households for a religious purpose. Usually, a good cow dung dhoop like Mantram Organic’s is made from 100% natural cow dung and hawan samagri. The main aim of these dhoop sticks is to enhance mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Moreover, these produce abundant Pranavayu, also known as oxygen. 

Benefits of Cow Dung Dhoop

Although you can find many types of dhoop sticks in the market, the reasons to choose organic cow dung dhoop is very clear and straightforward. You can have a lot of health benefits from these natural products. Wondering what those benefits are? Let’s take a look at the following. 

  • The cow dung dhoop sticks from Mantram Organic helps in purifying the atmosphere of your home. It has a soothing fragrance that can create a relaxing and positive environment at your home.

  • Besides that, these dhoop sticks are the ultimate source of purifying air, create a positive aura, and are also used in Aromatherapy.

  • The dhoop is really effective to remove negative thoughts, depression, and mental stress. It makes you feel more calm and peaceful. 

  • You can use the cow dung dhoop sticks for keeping up the spiritual environment of your home, mosquitoes away, and for all your Puja and auspicious occasions. 

  • The cow dung dhoop helps in boosting concentration and focus. Moreover, this is the reason why sages and monks across civilizations have made it one of the major parts of worship places and monasteries.

  • These dhoops are also quite effective to be used as mosquito repellents and also provide a soothing effect. 

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits of using cow dung dhoop in your daily life. It can bring so much positivity that you can’t even imagine. It is odorless, so you don’t need to worry about smell or anything. The ash burnt Dhoop sticks have antiseptic properties and can also be used to protect plants from harmful insects. However, if you want to buy 100% organic cow dung dhoop sticks, it is vital to look for a genuine source like  Mantram Organic that offers carefully and authentic cow dung dhoop sticks without breaking your bank. You can also check out available fragrances and reap the numerous health benefits.

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